Tuesday, February 3, 2009

whats good?!

Yo, whuts good people?! Its ya' boy Bubba from Crucial Element.


So Ghost and I are always on the grind to blow up...or at least get blown...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL LOL LOL LMAO ROTFLMAO LOL HAHAHAHA! You know what I'm sayin'.

Anyways, I been anthropologically lookin' at pop culture and my studies concluded dat makin' an explicit tape leads to a guaranteed blow up type of situation. Look at Paris Hilton. That chick don't do nothin' but get arrested and party, but she still blown up. How? Explicit tape, son! So, Ghost and I have decided to make one of these joints and make a billion dollars to invest in gold, japanese corporation, and blow up initiatives.

If you haven't been able to tell already, I been readin' mad bid'ness books 'n shyt. My vocabulary has exceled exponentially with the status quo of what's really poppin'. I red dis book on economix and dats how I figured out dat we should start makin' a surplus of shyt just in case people need it 'cause eventually we all need stuff. Here's my trick though. We go to the grocery stores and buy stuff and den we sell the stuff out of our crib for WAY more money! That way we make profit and bid'ness is all about profit marginal resource managements.

That's another phrase I picked up. See me, son!!!!

Aiight, dats all the time I got. Ghost says what's up. He can't contribute to da blog yet 'cause he got readin' problems. When he tries to read da words is all wobbly and upside down. He asked his moms what the problem is, but she said he's just retarded and there's nothin' no body can do to make him unretarded, so he just can't read or write.

So, like...since he can't read what I'm typin' I wanna take dis moment to say Ghost is mad gay.


I'm kiddin', dats my homie.

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