Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Montreal, son!!!!

Yo, dis' Bubba from Crucial Element.


Ghost 'n me gonna be auditionin' for a freestyle competition in Montreal. I ain't never heard of Montreal, so I did some research on da internet. I got side tracked and ended up lookin' up some utha shyyt so I still don't know nuffin' 'bout no Montreal, but I know how to roll a doobie out of an ink pen. Google is off da hook!

But yo, I bet Montreal is off da hook. I bet it's like a beach resort wit' some models 'n whatever.

I hear a bunch 'a famous peeps gonna be there. HBO gonna be there, Showtime gonna be there, I think all of TV is gonna be there, son. If TV is there I'm gonna ask why they took off Cita's World from BET. That show was off the hook, son. She reminded me of my moms.

Aiight....wish us luck in the freestyle competition auditions and we'll holla later.

C.E. suckaaaaaaaaazzzz!

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