Thursday, February 5, 2009

now DATS whut um talkin' 'bout

YOOOOOO! First 'n foremost, dis ya' boy Bubba from Crucial Element.


Aiight, first thing is first. Christian Bale is OFFICIALLY the new member of Crucial Element, son!!!! I just heard him WAIL on dis bitch ass dude for walkin' too close to him 'n shit. I flipped my shit when I heard dat son....dude is gangsta. It don't get more gangsta than dat. So just to reiterate the shit, the Crucial Element roll call is like this:

-Batman Bale

Yo, I considered offering my lil' homie Michael Phelps membership but dat tall goofy ass mu'fukka don't know what it mean to be on the low with his dirt. Dat swimmin' ass fool was like, "Yo son, take a picture of me hittin' dis bong." Dumb ass mu'fuckka dumb as pet rocks! I mean Ghost and I can do shit like dat 'cause we Crucial Element. Dat is even more true now 'cause if somebody try to cross us, my big homie Batman Bale gonna snap!

You don't want dat!

Anyways, Ghost and I is Crucial Element and da fuzz know whuts really good wit' how we gets busy. Fuck da po-leese!!!!

Aiight, dats all I got. Ya boy ain't up on his swagg today, but next time I'ma be up on my shit.


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