Monday, January 26, 2009

it gets madd crucial....

Yo, dis Bubba from Crucial Element.


What's really gud wit' dis Obama shyt, son?! I know you just as x-cited as me and Ghost that the president is black. Well, honestly, you have Crucial Element to thank for dat.

After C.E. put up "ODrama" on da web presidential votes for Obama went up like maaad percentages. The media didn't want to give us our props for hookin' that mu'facca up, so they propogated some sort of economic downward spiral conspiracy to cover up the fact that it was CRUCIAL ELEMENT who got Obama popular and in da White House.

Not only dat da White House teamed up with Wal-Mart 'cause whenever shyt gets bad people run for the nearest fuuccin' Wal-Mart.

F what you heard, son. There ain't no economic crisis. I know 'cause a ya' boy Bubba is still gettin' money! Ghost and I get so much money that we was talkin' about investin' in like Japanese properties 'n shit. I did the economic calculations and decided that it would be proper for us to launch big corporation.

Here iz sum ideas we got:

ORANGE: Basically, ORANGE is like APPLE, but not as fruit loopy, knawmean. Apple be havin' dem sleek girl-lookin' computers and name 'em shyt like Macbook Air or, like, Macbook Gay. We gonna name our computers stuff like, The Notorious C.P.U. or like, The OrangeBookPussy (fo' da hoes).

McDUCK TOWERS: So, I was up late night one night watchin' tv and saw a commercial that was basically sayin' that gold is whats poppin'. So, wat C.E. is gonna do is trade in all our money for gold coins and fill up a tower with dat shyt. Its gonna be like Duck Tales, but on some real shyt!

Yo, we got mad more ideas, but I don't want you jackin' our big money capers.

I'm out.


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