Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Da Get Money Capers for CRUCIAL Times

Yo, dis Bubba frum CRUCIAL ELEMENT!

So, I read the news and it turns out that there the American conomy really IS jacked right now. I thought it was all a conspiracy plot to get us to shop at Wal-Mart, but as it turns out shyt really iz fuucced. So, me an' my homie Ghost been comin' up wit' mad shyt we can do to get money.

I mentioned in da last blog about gettin' up on gold. Gold is always worth somethin', son. So basically da plan is dat me an' Ghost gonna invest in gold and melt it into gangsta grillz and sell 'em for crazy profit. Scientific studies show dat different demographics have a shortage of gangsta grillz. I mean, I done the research myself when I'm in da streets. How many people you see with grillz? Not many, right? Boom...there's a shortage and where there is shortage there is demand and where there is demand there is CRUCIAL ELEMENT replacin' the shortage with a surplus. Its economix.

So the plan go like dis:

1) Go to da bank and trade money for gold.
2) Melt da gold.
3) Make da gold inta gangsta grillz.
4) Sell the grillz.
5) Get money.

Dis is more like a classical approach to savin' money. All C.E. gotta do is blow up and we good.

So da plan go like dis:

1) Blow up.
2) Get money.

Its full proof, son. You don't get more full proof than dat!

Aiight, I'm gone.


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