Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pigs 'n Shyt

Yo, Ghost got dat pig shit, son! We was in da studio gettin' it in and he was like, "Yo Bubba, I think I got dat pig shit, son." Itz probably 'cause he's been bangin' dis Mexican chick from 'round da way. He says it's his new girlfriend, but I don't see how dats even a possible cuz she don't be speakin' english good like me.

Anyways, when I found out Ghost was sick I went to da corner where she and her homegurls be hangin' and I brought her back to my place. We put dat chick in da closet and ain't lettin' her out until she and Ghost ain't sick no more. Dat way she won't infect anyone else wit' dat pig flu. People say dis ain't human like and dat I can get brought up on charges for kidnappin' and holding hostage or whatever, but da Chinamen is doin' it to all da Mexicans in their country and those mu'fukkas is smart as shyt!

In other news updates and whatevea, Ghost is graduated to a G-4 readin' level.